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Plastic and glass waste represents a significant global environmental challenge, worsened by the inefficiencies and constraints of conventional recycling methods. To solve this issue, we developed Littar, an innovative technology designed to repurpose all types of plastic and glass waste into a valuable and sustainable resource for road construction.

Littar is a versatile solution for “negative value waste”, converting it into an eco-friendly alternative for traditional asphalt that is used for the foundation of roads, sidewalks, and other traffic surfaces.  More specifically, it is used as base and/or binder layer in road structures and is certified according to European regulations.

The utilization of Littar provides superior mechanical and thermal properties compared to its conventional counterparts, alongside significant reductions in weight, transport emissions, and costs. Littar is produced by existing asphalt plants using locally sourced plastic and glass waste aggregates in a circular economy. The production process of Littar compared to normal asphalt mixtures is exactly the same, allowing for easy and fast adoption of the technology by the industries. 

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Produce Littar

Littar is made at conventional asphalt plants using shredded plastic and crushed glass as aggregates.

Supply plastic and glass

Littar is made with plastic and glass aggregates, supplied by local, certified suppliers.

Littar projects

Contact us to initiate a Littar project in your area!

All plastic and glass waste, one solution!

  • Upcycling all plastic and glass waste types on a massive scale

    Littar is able to use all types of plastic and glass in large amounts including "negative value waste" such as fiber optics, composites, window glass and many others. Littar can hold an equivalent of 2,000 plastic bottles and 71 glass wine bottles per square meter.

  • No microplastics

    Littar is a foundation material and not a surface layer which prevents the creation of microplastics.

  • Closed loop lifecycle

    Littar can be re-used just like common asphalt, creating a closed loop lifecycle for plastic and glass waste.

Any surface is as good as the foundation it rests on

  • Longer lasting surfaces without potholes

    Littar improves the durability and realizes the designed economic lifetime of the surface layer through its improved load bearing capacity and shock resistance.

  • Lower construction time, costs and emissions

    less resources are needed to produce, transport and apply Littar compared to conventional foundation materials resulting in faster construction times, lower costs and emissions throughout the entire process.

  • Turn-key production and application

    Littar is produced and applied using conventional asphalt stations, paving and compaction machinery. The preparation of the waste materials for Littar is done with standard shredders and crushers used in the waste processing industry.

Littar's Carbon Footprint

Every kilometer of road built with Littar, reduces 1046 metric tonnes of CO2!

Littar is made with plastic and glass waste that would normally be burned, landfilled or down-cycled at high costs and emissions. Up-cycling this waste in Littar’s highly efficient production process reduces the emissions from conventional waste disposal drastically. Additionally, the reduction of mineral aggregates in road foundations by using Littar reduces emissions up to 83% compared to the status quo in waste management and road construction. Littar’s carbon footprint and CO2 reduction has been determined in accordance with ISO 14064-3 using Climate Impact Forecast tools and Life Cycle Analysis, reviewed and validated by Impact Forecast.
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