Why we do it

The company was founded with the purpose of revolutionizing the field of environmental engineering through innovative and pragmatic problem-solving. Environmental engineering is becoming the industry of the future based on the challenges created by human induced climate change. Worldwide, awareness of climate change and dedication to improve the environment is growing stronger than ever. Unfortunately, effective and practical solutions to the pollution of our air, water and land environment remain scarce as they lack meaningfulness to the public and with that low profitability to the industries that can make it happen. We set out to break the status-quo and develop solutions for a healthy ecosystem so that success is not a possibility but imminent.

What we do

The Climate Change Company is an innovator in the field of environmental engineering. Our mission is to develop and commercialize innovative, high-impact and turn-key solutions that improve the climate of individual lives, their direct environment and ultimately the planet we collectively call home. The company was founded on the philosophy that any solution to improve the ecosystem has to be a synergy of meaningfulness to the public, positive effect to the environment and practicality in its execution. This synergy will result in high demand solutions that have a lasting and positive effect, leading the way towards a healthy climate.

Our team

Dennis Debie
Founder, Managing & Technical Director

Born an engineer and explorer, my life mission is to bring meaningful solutions that solve complex problems of this planet. I'm passionate about space exploration, still I value most the only home we have, planet Earth. I'm here to make a difference and engineer a better future for my kids, family, friends and all the amazing strangers around the globe.

Sebastian Tudose
Co-founder, Business Development

Restauration specialist and energetic leader, I value the quality of things well done and everything I do is with the purpose of improving the environment around me. I worked on multiple UNESCO projects to focus now on preserving the climate and heritage of our planet's ecosystem.

Ovidiu Scurca


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