Any road surface is as good as the foundation it rests on

Conventional foundation layers account for most of the mass in road construction. This mass directly translates to long construction times, high costs and emissions. Roads are subjected daily to moving traffic loads. This induces tensile stresses in the bound asphalt or concrete surface layer which, over time, causes irreversible deformations in the underlying, solely rock-based foundation layers. Deformations of these foundation layers in turn cause weak spots, and ultimately pot-holes or large cracks and deformations in the surface layer. Littar is a lightweight foundation material with improved properties over its conventional alternatives. It is designed to improve durability of the surface layer and shorter execution times, costs and emissions throughout the construction process.  Littar is certified according to European regulations for road base and binder layers as described in AND 605:2016 and can replace single, multiple or all conventional foundation layers. The surface layer can be made of any type and material depending on the application. 

Littar® Road

Asphaltic surface layer

Littar® layer


Conventioal Road

Asphaltic surface layer

Asphaltic binder layer

Asphaltic base layer

Unbound or stabilized granular rock layer


  • Longer lasting surfaces without potholes

    Littar improves the durability and realizes the designed economic lifetime of the surface layer with minimal to no repair and maintenance costs.

  • Lower construction time, costs and emissions

    less resources are needed to produce, transport and apply Littar compared to conventional foundation materials resulting in faster construction times, lower costs and emissions throughout the entire process.

  • Turn-key production and application

    Littar is produced and applied using conventional asphalt stations, paving and compaction machinery, making it a practical and turn-key solution all around the world.

How it's made

All plastic & glass waste, one sustainable solution!

Only a fraction of all produced plastics worldwide end up in a recycling process. Common recycling of plastics involves an enormous number of resources to separate and clean a mix of waste plastics and turn them into usable pellets of their own specific type in order to make new plastic products, that in turn become waste after their recycled use. After which the complexity of recycling starts all over again. Furthermore, not all plastic types are suitable for recycling and are discarded directly into landfills or burned. The complexity and low profitability of common recycling compared to the lower price of new plastics explains the minimal efforts taken to collect and use the enormous amounts of mismanaged plastics.
For glass waste recycling a similar complex process is involved, especially separating colors of glass waste in order for new products to be made. Most of the worlds glass waste collection is done in bulk where no difference is made between color, leaving the collector with a mix of un-usable waste that mostly ends up on landfills. Furthermore, the impurity of the glass waste can be an issue for manufactures of glass products, resulting in no commercial interest for these huge amounts of glass waste.
Littar is derived from this viscous circle of complexity and in-effectiveness of common recycling and is designed to use all plastic and glass waste types without complexity. By transforming vast amounts of plastic and glass waste into a valuable and eco-friendly construction resource for road applications, Littar answers to the ever growing infrastructure needs of society and improvement of the environment at the same time.
  • Upcycling all plastic and glass waste types on a massive scale

    Littar is able to use all types of plastic and glass in large amounts including "negative value waste" such as fiber optics, composites, window glass and many others. Littar can hold an equivalent of 2,000 plastic bottles and 71 glass wine bottles per square meter.

  • No microplastics

    Littar is a foundation material and not a surface layer which prevents the creation of microplastics.

  • Closed loop lifecycle

    Littar can be re-used just like common asphalt, creating a closed loop lifecycle for plastic and glass waste.

Littar's Carbon Footprint

Every kilometer of road built with Littar, reduces 1046 metric tonnes of CO2!

Littar is made with plastic and glass waste that would normally be burned, landfilled or down-cycled at high costs and emissions. Up-cycling this waste in Littar’s highly efficient production process reduces the emissions from conventional waste disposal drastically. Additionally, the reduction of mineral aggregates in road foundations by using Littar reduces emissions up to 83% compared to the status quo. Making Littar a carbon-negative construction material. Littar’s carbon footprint and CO2 reduction has been determined using Climate Impact Forecast tools and principals from Life Cycle Analysis, reviewed and validated by Impact Forecast

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Produce & Apply Littar®

Littar is made at asphalt stations using shredded plastic and crushed glass as aggregates. These aggregates reduce mineral aggregates in road base and binder layers with 20 to 100 percent. This reduction directly translates to lower transport mass and costs. Using Littar instead of conventional base and binder layers also reduces road construction time as only one material has to be applied instead of two or more. Littar is produced using conventional asphalt stations, paving and compaction machinery. This includes batch stations, parallel & counter-flow drum-mix stations, small mobile mixers and recyclers. There is no need for custom modifications to the stations. Using our specifications, Littar is ready to go!
As a licensed provider of Littar your business will benefit from increased profits that Littar realizes in road construction projects compared to its conventional alternatives. By becoming a licensed producer & applier of Littar your business will have access to our certified (CE) and patent-pending technology, the Littar brand and its ecosystem, project development, promotion and quality management services. We provide full guidance, training and support in getting your Littar® business up and running.

Supply Plastic & Glass

Littar is made with plastic and glass aggregates, supplied by local and certified suppliers. Littar is able to use all types of plastic and glass in large amounts including “negative value waste” such as fiberglass and many others. Using our specifications and methods, the process of preparing plastic and glass mixtures for Littar is simple and requires minimal additional resources.
As a certified supplier of raw materials to our licensed asphalt stations in your area, your business will grow and benefit from increased profits per processed ton of material. By becoming a certified supplier of Littar plastics and glass your business will have access to our certified (CE) and patent-pending technology, the Littar brand and its ecosystem, project development, promotion and quality management services. We provide full guidance, training and support in setting up the process needed to prepare and supply raw materials for Littar. 

Littar® Projects

We provide project development services to private, legal or public entities that want to construct Littar roads, parkings, sidewalks or other infrastructure surfaces. Contact us to start a Littar project in your area!